Venture Capital Office Hours with Voyager Capital

UW students and faculty interested in startups can talk monthly, face-to-face, with a venture capital investor and startup attorney.  Randall Lucas of Voyager Capital and I hold open office hours the first Wednesday of each month at the University of Washington.

Who comes to see us?  A wide range, from skateboard-toting sophomores who have coded up an iPhone app, to senior researchers considering commercializing robotics technology, to rising seniors considering whether to work at a startup and what “stock options” are — all have come by to chat during open office hours.

You can find us at the Information School (Mary Gates Hall, iLounge 4th floor) from 10-11, and then at the Computer Science School (Allen Center, atrium) from 11-12. We do these typically on the first Wednesday of every month, while school is in session.  (If you want to talk during summer vacation, drop us a line and we’ll set something up.)

So, if you’d like to come see us, we will be there on Wednesday, March 1.  Happy to give you feedback on your startup ideas, guidance on thinking about intellectual property, or suggestions on raising capital — or just to hear what you’re excited about working on.


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